Our Mission is to Humanize the Digital Workplace for Hybrid & Remote Employees​

About Us

Our Vision is to:

✔ Humanize the digital office;

✔ Bring remote, hybrid, & in-office employees together;

✔ Create a culture of extreme collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

Our Mission is to:

✔ Digitally transform the way companies work remotely, allowing geographically dispersed employees to interact and collaborate with their colleagues in a virtual office environment, much as they would in a physical office space. We humanize the digital workplace.

Our Values are:

Work hard. We focus on execution and results;

Play hard. We all need a break. Take them;

Integrity. This is at our core. No compromises.

Our passion for Flexible and Hybrid Work

Our organization is digitally native, distributed, diverse and virtual, and has been from its inception. We continue to embrace this approach to work and continue to hire the best fit talent regardless of where they are based.
Beyond location, we are an outcomes-focused organization. We set team goals and work to provide our people with the resources they need to achieve them. How they get there and during what hours of the day is not a management priority.

MyHive Solution Overview

“80% of companies plan to continue with remote working after the pandemic ends.”

There are many benefits to remote/hybrid work, however, issues arising from remote and hybrid work are well documented and have been aggravated with the continued enforcement of social distancing due to Covid.

‣ Psychological effects of isolation and loneliness felt by employees

‣ Lack of team spirit

‣ Burnout due to excessive, formal video conferencing meetings

‣ Difficulty in aligning everyone’s calendars to set up meetings

‣ No control over hours worked — HR issues in many countries

‣ Lack of spontaneity — no “water cooler” discussions

‣ Loss of creativity

‣ Management and co-workers are unable to see who is doing what and when

‣ Need to purchase and master 3 or more different remote collaboration tools

MyHive addresses these considerations, providing a virtual, real-world on-screen representation of any unique physical office space where employees can sit at their desks with colleagues within specific teams, no matter where they are located physically. MyHive’s proprietary technology allows employees to collaborate in a natural way using tools that include audio, video, screen-sharing and chat supplied with no need to learn or purchase 3rd-party tools like Zoom, Slack and others. Employees are represented by on-screen avatars with status reflected in real-time so they can interact with one another with a click of their mouse. The visual aspect allows management and colleagues to understand what each team and individual are doing at a glance.

Not only can businesses benefit from MyHive; MyHive lends itself perfectly to distance learning. Instead of an office layout, MyHive presents classroom and auditorium layouts as an option, with extra features like “mute all” and easy-to-see hand raising so teachers can see and select pupils who want to ask or answer questions.