Ventajas del trabajo remoto para tu negocio

As recent research shows, remote work is expected to remain a strong market trend, even after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. This prediction is easy to explain: there are many benefits that the format has brought to companies.

Advances in technology have enabled optimal performance for work activities in the remote version, enabling even more improved and objective communication. In the virtual environment, employees have been very active and productive, given the tools, services and various productivity tips that exist today. For employees, the opportunity to work remotely has become pleasurable and positive.

Companies were surprised by the advantages of remote work, especially for time management, cost reduction and results management. In this content, we chose to focus on the contributions of the format to the management by results.

The management by results has in the remote work the perfect environment to be applied, since constant communication and integration, among the team members, are required for the evolution of the processes and, thus, it is possible to prioritize results in the actions of all employees.

In remote work, goals can be set with the idea of guiding the team’s efforts towards meeting the company’s objectives. With this, in addition to greater integration, there is the opportunity to increase performance and favor the company as a whole.

Knowing that the central idea of results management is guided by the definition of specific objectives in an organization, so that all employees should seek to achieve these objectives, it is observed that managers and respective teams, even working each in their home, have successfully achieved the defined results.

One of the objectives of results management is to enhance teamwork, so that its members unite in favor of the intended goal. After all, it is a collective construction in search of the organization’s objectives. Through remote work, there may be greater integration between teams to achieve the desired performance.

Results management can prioritize the goals in the performances of all the actors involved and it is based on three pillars:

Transparency – team members know what is expected of them.

Objectivity – team members focus on the mission assigned to them.

Engagement – team members are aware of the importance of individual production for the progress of projects.

 It is worth noting that these three pillars are easily perceived in teams that are working remotely, since working in virtual offices enables: more productive employees and process optimization.

More productive employees

Many experts already point out that remote workers end up being more productive than those who stay at the institution’s head office. It is known that, at home, the professional can prepare an environment that preserves him from any distraction, something more difficult to happen in shared environments. In addition, the time an employee spends on locomotion to the company typically creates wear and tear and can influence their productivity.

Process optimization

Currently, there are great tools and services to manage people at a distance, aiming to optimize processes. Remote work requires the correct application and selection of good tools to organize the management and production of teams. When all available digital resources are well leveraged, remote work can make production more agile and practical, giving more precision in both information flow and project progress. However, one of the problems faced with these platforms is that the company needs to hire several solutions, each with its own cost and its learning curve.

Today, there are already digital platforms that have been developed to improve performance in companies that have adopted remote work. They are innovative technological solutions that aim at greater interaction and results in companies. A virtual office with the differentiated structure of MyHive, for example, where several collaboration and communication tools are gathered on the same screen, meets the needs of every type of company and allows the evolution of results in remote work.

The MyHive platform is complete and has the appearance of a real office. MyHive offers freedom and socialization: it allows coffee breaks and until these become brainstorming sessions. There are many features of MyHive: from customizing environments and screen sharing to AES-128 encryption protection in both videos and audios.

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