The best of both worlds

People around the table having a hybrid meeting with someone working remotely

Many companies have experimented with different alternatives to the typical in-office work model. That includes remote, hybrid, and in-office. In this case, the hybrid model allows more flexibility for their employees and surveys show that many would prefer to remain in a hybrid routine as it has many benefits.

In a hybrid work routine, people can spend more time with family, spend less time commuting, have higher autonomy, and have increased productivity tending to both work and personal matters. If employees are not able to be remote full-time, they would like the option to work from home a couple days a week.

Because of these new developments in the work field, the traditional in-office experience has changed. There are still many people who would prefer to go in-office to work, but others who prefer to stay hybrid, or even fully remote. By employees and bosses connecting through a new digital model, it opens many possibilities. Companies who utilize these different work models ensure their employees are granted the flexibility for their specific needs in life.

If CEO’s and employees work together they can catapult their business forward in a way that will change benefit all the stakeholders. Leaders should ensure that they are equipped with all the necessary tools to allow their employees more autonomy – whether they’re working from home, in the office, or traveling – so their employees can remain productive and happy.

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