Change of pace in the workplace

Remote work has already presented itself as a permanent thing. It is no longer a phase or a passing pandemic trend.

Working in a remote environment has changed the game of virtual platforms and thus skyrocketed our expectations. Employees need the ability to easily collaborate from home.

Realizing that this is the new norm, professionals have already showed that they do not want to return to the 100% face-to-face model. Professionals want to be able to choose how and when they work. This is why virtual offices with special features and well adapted concepts will thrive in the market.

Managers are able to offer their employees a better – more collaborative – work environment in which the employees can self-regulate their own schedule and performance. They have the freedom and pleasure of working at their own pace.

The only growing concern is about the health problems that are quietly emerging in people who remain exclusively in the home routine. It is worth avoiding bad habits that can exacerbate health problems.

Man wokring on laptop

What habits should be avoided?

  • Long periods of time in front of the screen with no breaks. This can cause eye strain as well as circulation problems in the legs
  • Total sedentary lifestyle
  • Emotional difficulties such as anxiety, stress, loneliness, and burnout

These problems are observed in people who exclusively work from home. These professionals suffer from isolation, loneliness, and exhaustion. We can combat this by continuing to meet up with friends and family, taking stretching breaks every so often, and utilizing a virtual office that emphasizes freedom and socialization.

But how do you socialize in a virtual environment? That’s where MyHive comes in.

MyHive’s technological contribution has allowed employees and managers to have access to anyone at any time. Represented by an avatar, there is an online, busy, and away status so you know who is available. You can hear or speak to anyone in the same room as you, just turn on your mic and headset and you’re good to go!

It’s MyHive’s goal to create a customizable environment that represents the physical office. Each room can be something different: reception, management, marketing department, commercial department, HR, break room, and so on. The options are endless with MyHive.

Here at MyHive.Global, we keep our expectations high. We have transformed the world of remote work by adapting to the needs of businesses and employees around the world.

These professionals see the many advantages and intend to maintain their remote status. Keep the same socialization and productivity all from the comfort of your own home using MyHive!

Try out MyHive today and see how we can best suit your remote needs!

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