Ensuring a great hybrid model experience

People having a meeting. Man pointing at whiteboard with graph.

The traditional workspace has changed forever. As businesses begin to open back up, they are now investing and supporting a hybrid work environment.

The hybrid work model allows employees to work from home a couple days a week. They can stay connected and easily collaborate with their co-workers. Around 60% of companies are expected to offer a hybrid working model, and because of that, there are necessary tools if they want this format to be successful.

As the workplace changes, the roles of employees do as well. Planning to incorporate a hybrid workspace increases autonomy and the overall productivity and happiness of employees. It also minimizes the anxiety, stress, and depression of a fully remote position and offers the variety of at-home and in-person work. Overall productivity will continue to improve if companies invest in the well-being of their employees.

People having meeting around the table with woman working remotely.

Simple and Flexible Business-Centric Communication

Hybrid work by nature is not a new concept. People’s work environments change over time, thus requiring new ways of doing business. The innovative hybrid model prioritizes communication between two key-factors in a company: employees and customers.

Employees need to be able to easily communicate with their co-workers and higher-ups to ensure clear expectations, while customers must remain in communication with the business and their partners. There are various types of customers and employees within a company, and all needs should be met through this era of “elastic” communication.

A single digital platform that offers a pleasant work environment with all the necessary tools – all the way from seamless virtual meetings, video chats, and keeping it secured – ensures better performance and productivity from employees.

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