Hybrid work model is the most desired by professionals

People having a hybrid meeting: some are in the office and some are remotely

The preference among companies and workers for hybrid work is growing. Recently, research has shown that professionals in various segments are much more interested in the hybrid working model – which offers alternation between remote and on-site work – than being in the office every day.

Many of them, who have already experienced the benefits of remote work, have even stated that they would consider looking for a new position if they no longer had the option of working from home at their current job.

Among women, four out of ten, or 44.1%, answered that they would opt for a new opportunity: the job that offered the remote or hybrid option. Among men, this percentage drops to 31.4%.

The survey was published by Robert Half, a company specialized in recruitment. These data show that the system adopted by many companies, during the covid-19 pandemic, due to the need for social distancing, has won over employees.

The survey interviewed 358 people – between June 29 and July 19 – which included workers and unemployed people looking for relocation.

After more than a year experiencing this reality, 76.5% of the professionals started to consider the new way of working (remote) more advantageous. According to the data obtained, 63.8% would like to work more days of the week at home than at the office. Only 16.7% prefer to continue going to the company’s physical environment on a daily basis.

During the pandemic, the general perception of the remote model was already positive for thousands of employees and they already saw it as a benefit offered by the companies. Today, surveys have revealed that employees are already aware that they are facing a new hiring differential.  They want to keep this work routine so much that they are willing to change jobs to continue enjoying at least the hybrid format. According to most, it is the model that offers the most satisfactory conciliation of professional with private life and family commitments.

The remote system, before the arrival of covid-19 transformed the work environment, seemed very complicated and not very viable, but the reality experienced has shown that this is one of the best ways to optimize time, costs, space, among many other benefits. The option to work at home has brought both entrepreneurs and employees a very positive experience, and many wish to continue working this way.

We know that in the beginning, for many, it was not easy to establish the criteria of the home-office model. But as the pandemic situation worsened and the need to extend virtual work increased, very few did not adapt or approve of the new reality. Those who have modernized their tools, today, even with the possibility of returning to the face-to-face system, consider it more productive to remain as it is. They believe that everyone saves on logistics, gaining a lot in productivity and time management, since it is not necessary to waste hours preparing or commuting to be present at the company.

In short, there is a strong tendency for companies to opt for the hybrid model after the pandemic, because employees want this and feel happier and more productive. It has become difficult to find employees who would give up being able to continue working, at least on alternate days, at home.

MyHive platform image showing two rooms and direct messages

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