Today’s hybrid workplace requires a dynamic virtual office that serves the needs of all employees

We are already in mid 2021 and used to remote interactions in the workplace, and know that this mode of work is here to stay.  This hybrid workplace allows a better quality of life for the employees as well as cost savings and operational efficiency for the company.

“This whole notion of returning to normal … what is normal now? We are redefining normal everyday. We all know this hybrid version of working is here to stay.” – Tracy Byrnes, Financial Advisor, UBS.

The dynamics of having remote team members has allowed us to eliminate the physical barriers of hiring and/or retaining talent. Hiring the best employees is possible and easier and finding the best talent is now globally accessible. We’ve advanced our future workplace by 10 years.

Since companies have already experienced the advantages of the hybrid workplace there is no going back. Even if managers and employees return to work in their physical offices, they know there are alternatives to their daily work routines. As with the workplace, the education system will continue to benefit from the hybrid environment with a combination of in-person and online learning.

Today, companies are searching for the most appropriate platforms to enable hybrid work. Virtual offices will be a necessity to facilitate the new workplace. These companies are aware of the need to find new solutions that enable collaboration, spontaneity, and foster company culture knowing that they will have employees working physically in the office, hybrid, and remotely.

Productivity no longer depends on managers seeing their employees in the next room. Now, many even prefer to follow results or projects in development from their homes. This makes it important to choose a platform that allows access to one another and also allows effective, real-time interaction. The platform must be flexible enough to accommodate different types of businesses.

For years to come, we will continue holding meetings in places outside of physical offices. There will be days when we will work alongside our colleagues. On other days, we will work as teams from remote locations. Employees who are working remotely will require direction and leadership from their managers.

A virtual office which appears like a real office and also facilitates the spontaneous exchange of information can provide the necessary socialization that the hybrid future demands.

This virtual office structure already exists. It is a platform which can be used by companies from all industries. It is an innovative technological solution with a very different dynamic: MyHive.

MyHive is your on-screen workplace. It is your virtual and digital workplace. It includes breakout areas — which allow for coffee breaks and brainstorming sessions. MyHive also enables remote, hybrid, and in-office employees to communicate in real-time working side by side, virtually.

At MyHive, your team members — represented by avatars — are seen by you at all times. Your team knows where to easily find and access you when needed.

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