Quality of life can be determined by how many hours we work

Laptop, on the work table, showing hours.

Everyone knows remote work, especially hybrid work, is here to stay. The good thing about hybrid work is it allows easy transitioning between in-office and remote work.

Many professionals prefer to work from home at least a couple times per week to cut back on cost of their daily commute, as well as boost their day-to-day quality of life. Many businesses have already discovered that switching to hybrid or remote work has boosted their teams productivity.

Other benefits include the opportunity to spend more time with the family, save time and money from the commute, and not having to go in-office.

What we’re discovering, though, is the downside of the new digital world. There has been an increased amount of workload each employee now has, leading employees to end up working beyond their normal hours, compromising their work-life balance. So it’s more vital than ever to maintain a balance to avoid this.

As this situation came to light, it was highlighted that we stay organized in our daily work day. Taking breaks away from the computer screen, stretching, interacting with other family members, keeping in contact with coworkers, and staying on top of our health. This will help us in the long run and help us maintain our productivity in a virtual environment.

Group of people around the table working with laptop and talking.

When flexibility is offered to employees, they are more engaged when they’re working. The traditional 8 hour business day has proven to be counterproductive and not be ideal to maintain a balanced life. The environment a remote setting offers companies gives them an opportunity to implement a more functional work-life structure.

A great way to allow this flexibility between remote work and in-office work is my using MyHive, a virtual environment that brings employees together no matter how far they are physically. It offers customizable rooms to bring a more “humanized” feel to the digital workspace.

Through MyHive, bring the digital and physical work together in one office!

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