The remote work model creates more opportunities to attract talent

Capturing talent available in the market is often a challenge for many companies. Before the introduction of remote work in companies, the selection of employees used to be even more difficult, due to geographic limitations that hindered access to hiring professionals.

Some time ago, if a manager found a professional with all the necessary qualifications to take on a special position in his company and that person could not have access to the physical space due to the distance, it became impossible to hire them. Unfortunately, this happened often.

Currently, companies that adopt the remote work model can plan and hire talent from any region. In this work dynamic, viable for numerous segments, it is much more difficult to miss the chance to have that differentiated professional who does not live in the same city as the company’s physical space. It was the remote format that enabled companies to access and hire employees from other regions, those with skills and characteristics that increase the chance of creating successful teams.

The transition, in the work environment, to the remote model, even if a little turbulent at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, gained a very positive perception in a short period of time. Even offering the remote work option became a competitive advantage in attracting talent.

Recent surveys reveal that professionals considered the most capable, in selection interviews, are turning down jobs offered by companies that do not offer remote activities, or that do not authorize their employees to work at home some days a week.

However, the simple offer of home office work is not usually the criterion for choosing in favor of a company, at a time when this good professional needs to opt for an offer. The platforms used and some benefits related to remote work have also been evaluated in the new labor market scenario.

While most professionals started to want to work from home to have flexible working hours, at least a few days a week, many entrepreneurs, in addition to becoming able to filter and capture talents residing in other geographic areas (in another city, state and even country) started to use the simplest hiring processes available today. In several economic areas, labor relations are already through legal entities. In other words, a company hires another company to provide services, without creating an employment relationship with the professionals who will work on its projects. Using new employees via MEI (microentrepreneur registration) can often make the hiring process more assertive.

Finally, remote work has already proven to be not just a passing trend, but a model that has been consolidated. Even now, without the mandatory isolation caused by the pandemic, remote activities are not only a progressive movement of companies, but also a way to meet the new demands of the workers themselves. According to countless surveys, professionals who have already tried this model would not accept a job offer that did not include the home office.

Therefore, the use of virtual offices with a structure that meets the needs of managers and employees is necessary and urgent, not only to help maintain a good pace and team satisfaction, but also so that everyone can socialize, increasingly, and work in an integrated way.

Notebook with video calls on MyHive

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