The future of work will have a hybrid approach

With the imminent approach of the day when most people will be vaccinated and, consequently, isolation will no longer be necessary, companies and their employees are already beginning to glimpse what the new work routine will be like. Will it go back to how it was before the pandemic? Probably not! For the near future, many have a different forecast from the period before the pandemic. Then, post-pandemic, the adoption of the hybrid model is expected in all segments.

And you can already see that, in companies that adopt hybrid work, employees will have the opportunity to work in different spaces, including corporate offices, coworking spaces, public spaces and their own homes.

The approach will vary from company to company, but the overall goal of the hybrid model will always be to address the wide range of needs those employees typically experience, whether even in a single week or workday. Needs that range from the ability to concentrate for a higher income to the desire to balance work with family commitments.

For many, perhaps the most important learning from the long period of isolation, in which the remote work format predominated, was how much companies benefited from greater productivity and engagement of their employees. When they gained flexibility – greater freedom and control – over where, how, and when to work, they surprised their performance in their professional activities. Restrictions on social interaction were necessary to reveal to entrepreneurs that giving flexibility to workers is incredibly positive.

Added to the excellent result in productivity is the excellent result in cost reduction. Therefore, the future is hybrid and is at the heart of this model: where and how to work.

After almost a year and a half of the pandemic, which forced millions of people to work from home and create a new normal, it is possible to say that everything experienced during this period has permanently changed behavior, the scenario and the work environment. Thousands of employees have experienced, enjoyed and approved the benefits of telecommuting, which included more time with family and less time spent commuting or preparing for a workday.

However, most professionals also experienced some disadvantages, such as distractions at home, while not well defined the place and hours of work, as well as the lack of time to talk with colleagues or the tendency to work longer hours, exceeding the hours working hours and reducing the balance between work and personal life.

Aware of this, it has become especially important for managers and employees to organize their workload and choose the platform in which they will continue to work remotely. This platform should provide teams with conditions to become increasingly productive, but also more satisfied with their work routine.

In the hybrid future, employees will continue to work far from their managers, even if not daily and only a few days a week. Therefore, in addition to planning the environment and time, it is necessary to choose a virtual office that was developed to improve performance in remote work, paying attention to the difficulties of daily life. A virtual office that, in addition to representing the company’s real office, promotes a pleasant, flexible, and accessible environment, to facilitate the exchange of information and daily interaction.

In United States, the digital platform is already available, planned to improve the evolution of projects developed in a virtual environment. It is an innovative technological solution that brings together collaborative tools and can be adopted by companies from all segments. This quite different structure is called MyHive.

MyHive has the look and feel of your company’s physical space, reproducing it on your computer screen, and offers the socialization your team desires: it has breakout areas that allow for coffee breaks and/or brainstorming sessions, and the opportunity to communicate instantly with your colleagues. At MyHive, employees know where to find and access managers whenever necessary. They even visualize – the entire team is represented by avatars – the room that other team leaders or colleagues are in, and whether, or not, they are available for interaction via chat, audio, or video.

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