Approaching the Future with Hybrid Work

As we continuously moved the mark and started to have a taste of being back in the office, companies, professionals, and their employees were getting a glimpse of the future ahead and had a different prognosis of what the work environment could be compared to before the pandemic. Would it go back to how it was before? We didn’t know! Then, that’s when the adoption of the hybrid model was created, exceeding everyone’s expectations in many different ways!

Many can already see that employees who work for companies that encompass hybrid work into their regime are having the opportunity to work in different places at any time. The corporate office, co-operating spaces, public settings, and even in their own home! The approach will vary from company to company, but overall the goal of the hybrid model is to always address the wide range of needs employees have spanning over an entire week or even a single day. There is a large focus on the desire to balance work with family commitments and other events in life, and hybrid work allows that to come to fruition.

If there is one thing many have learned from this period of isolation, it’s that companies greatly benefitted from the remote work format. The productivity, engagement, freedom, and flexibility gave people more control and skyrocketed their motivation. The experience has been incredibly positive for many. The future is hybrid and is at the heart of this model: where and how to work!

Being now almost a year and a half into the pandemic, millions of people were forced to work from home and create their “new normal.” It has drastically changed the typical work environment and the behaviors surrounding it. Thousands of employees have greatly enjoyed the benefits of telecommuting, giving them more time to spend with family and personal responsibilities.

Though this format has brought an onslaught of many benefits, there are some disadvantages. Many people faced distractions at home as well as not having a defined place and time to work. The lack of socialization and casual conversations with fellow colleagues has been a damper on many people.

Keeping this in mind, it has become especially important for companies and managers to organize their employees’ workload and choose wisely how they go about being remote. They want to make sure that whichever platform they choose, it should provide their team with all the tools they need to utilize productivity and satisfaction.

The future is hybrid, and more employees will begin to alternate between work from home and work from the office. With these developments, it’s necessary to develop and improve the remote work experience that also acknowledges the tasks of our daily personal lives. A virtual office that not only represents a company’s real office but also promotes a pleasant, flexible, and accessible environment to facilitate and exchange information in real time is a necessity.

The digital platform is already improving the evolution of projects developed in a virtual environment. Innovating technological solutions that bring together collaborative tools can be adopted by companies from all parts of the world. This unique structure is called MyHive!

MyHive has the look and feel of your company’s physical space by recreating it on your computer screen. It also offers the socialization your team desires. There are break rooms that allow for coffee breaks, brainstorming sessions, and opportunities to chat instantly with your colleagues or managers. The entire team is represented by avatars so that you know where everyone is at all times. MyHive has the ability to show you which room your team leaders or colleagues are in, and whether or not they are available for interaction via chat, audio, or video by the red, yellow, or green signal around their avatar.

Discover how MyHive can benefit and change the work routine of your company and teams today!

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