The main features of MyHive

First of all, let’s introduce the differentiated structure of MyHive. Know that your MyHive virtual office, just like your physical office, offers multiple rooms. Each room can be used in any way you and your team want. It can be a department (Finance, Sales, Marketing, Support, etc), a meeting room, a management room, a brainstorming room, a break room, a reception room, etc. As in face-to-face work, just sit in the room you need to be in, or in the department you belong to, to start interacting. Only people inside the room can hear and talk to each other. People in one room cannot hear or participate in conversations taking place in other rooms unless they move into those rooms.

At MyHive, people work collaboratively in real time and, if you need a break, just signal, via “avatar status”, that you are absent or busy, for example. You can even lock your office door so other people know it’s not a good time to be looking for you.

Now that you know our special concept of rooms, let’s introduce our features and how to use them, ie: how to work at MyHive. These are features that will make you want to have your MyHive office, as soon as you finish reading the text.

1.    Features available within a room

By clicking on “Chat”, you can write a message to whoever you want, to colleagues who are in the same room or to those in another department. By clicking on “Zoom+” or “Zoom-”, you increase and decrease the view of the room and its participants. By clicking on “Lock”, you leave the room closed and no one else can enter (as in the physical office, when privacy is desired). By clicking on “Rename”, if you are the administrator of MyHive, you can change the room name. Thus, it is possible to make the virtual office even more similar to your company’s environments, making it the representation of your physical office on the screen.

To move and enter the rooms, you just need to click on the name of the room you want to go to. It is just not possible to enter a room that is locked.

As long as you’re connected throughout the day, your colleagues will know where you are. If you are in a meeting in another room, your team can view it on the floor.

2.    Functions of communication buttons

The MyHive office has 4 floating buttons that control communication and collaboration options. These turn headphones (speaker), microphone, video (camera) and screen sharing on and off. And you can share your screen without having to turn on the video (camera).

3.    Avatar Status Functionality

The avatar represents the user within MyHive. The initial letter of the name appears by default, but the user can replace it with a photo. Each user’s avatar shows the person’s current status in real time. Shows, for example, if the person has headphones and microphone are on, or if you are participating in a video conference and sharing the screen. It even shows if the person is talking.

If you need to take a break or leave, you can select the “away” option. If you are focused on some activity and don’t want to be interrupted, you can select the “busy” option, warning that it is not available at that moment. If you want to customize your status, you can write something that describes the project you are working on (Example: “Working on Project X”).

4.    Features that allow you to talk to colleagues or send invitations to people outside of MyHive

At MyHive, there are several ways to chat with a colleague. This is possible by clicking on the name of the room in which the person is to be transported to that room, or clicking on the person’s avatar, when the options “Chat” appear – where you type a message and the other person receives it on a screen pop-up – , or “Invite to chat” – where you send a pop-up invitation for the person to come to your room.

You can also invite someone outside your company who doesn’t use MyHive. There is a specific button for this that originates the link (invitation) that you can send to the visitor. The link is active for 24 hours, but the user can change the invitation validity and/or the number of times the invitation can be used. When the guest accepts, he will appear in the Reception area and receive a welcome message, asking him to wait to be attended by the person who invited him. Everything just the way it happens in the physical office.

MyHive is the virtual office that looks like a real office, perfect for the necessary socializing that remote or hybrid work requires. Get to know even better the potential of the features presented above by trying MyHive for free: MyHive.Global.

Change your company’s remote work routine today! Find out how much easier and more enjoyable it is to work at MyHive.