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Dano Ybarra

Dano Ybarra is an International speaker and best selling author of Guiding Your Raft, 17 Lessons in Leadership to Safely Guide Your Business Through Calm and Tumultuous Waters (available in English and Spanish). As co-founder of a startup, he led them to a unicorn exit. When Steve Jobs was asked to reinvent Apple he tapped Dano on the shoulder to help him sort out his channel. Dano presented the plan to launch $60B/year Apple stores.

Dano has launched businesses in 15 countries around the globe, is an expert in starting and growing businesses domestically and internationally and has spoken to audiences across 8 countries from dozens to thousands in attendance. Dano has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.


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My Story

I grew up in calm times and tumultuous times. I was raised on a ranch breeding and training horses. Many times money was tight, but my mom never gave up on herself and never gave up on my brother and me. She taught us to be winners. As the clear underdog, I won the State Fair championship in horsemanship. Again, as a newcomer and underdog, I won the international 4-H sheep competition. We had many challenges and we had many great times. I know tumultuous times! I lived in Oregon when Mt. St. Helens erupted. I lived in Silicon Valley when the Loma Prieta earthquake of ‘89 hit. I lived in Alabama when hurricane Hugo struck in ‘89. The Oakland firestorm of ‘91 threatened our home. And more recently experienced a tornado in Utah in ‘2016. In 2018 a fire came to the crest of the hill just minutes from our home.

My Story

These experiences taught me that I must “over prepare” and be ready for anything to come my way, and then “go with the flow.” At 28 I finally graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. First ever in my family to graduate with a four year degree. I went to work for a technology company in Mobile, Alabama. I was a big fish in a small pond. Then I moved to Adobe in Silicon Valley and was now a small fish in a big pond. I almost got eaten. After six months my boss said I wasn’t going to make it. Remembering my childhood and the winning attitude my mom instilled in me, I asked for six more months to prove myself. Six months later we all celebrated the largest deal in Adobe history. I led the team who made it happen.

"Dano, you inspire me!"
Dan Clark
Professional motivational speaker, author, and CEO of Clark Success Systems