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Frequently Asked Questions​

On this page you will find the most common questions from new and experienced MyHive users. If you don't find what you need feel free to reach out to us with the chat.

Each room can be used any way you want. A room can be a department such as Finance, Sales, and Marketing, a huddle room, a management room, rest space, etc. It’s up to you! Each user sits in the department to which they belong in real life. Only people inside a room can hear each other and talk to each other. People in a room cannot hear or participate in conversations from other rooms unless they move into that room.

Just click on the name of the room you want to go to or double-click anywhere in the room. You won’t be able to enter a room that’s been locked by someone else. When you enter a new room always check your speakers, mic, and video to ensure others only see and hear what you want them to see and hear!

The MyHive Administrator can rename the rooms by simply right clicking on top of the current name of the room. Then, choose “Rename” and type the new name.

The avatar represents a user within MyHive. The initial letter of the name appears as the default, but we recommend you replace it with your photo.To change your avatar, click on the gear icon near your avatar in the left panel. Then click “My Account” and finally click “Profile.” Upload your photo and save your changes. If the new image doesn’t appear right away, it will appear the next time your browser updates the navigation cache.

Your avatar shows your status in real-time. So, for example, when you have your headset and microphone turned on, your avatar will show your avatar with a headset and mic. The same is true for when you are speaking—the microphone will blink on and off on your avatar. When you are sharing your screen a screen-sharing symbol will appear.

You have several status options you can select in the list just below your avatar: ONLINE, AWAy, and BUSY. This allows others to see your status. You can also edit the text to show a relevant status such as “Working on Project X.” Your avatar will still display green for ONLINE, yellow for AWAY, and red for BUSY.

Below the status drop down you will see “Remote” or “In-Office.” If you select Remote (the default setting) your avatar will be round indicating you are not physically in the office. If you select In-Office your avatar will be square indicating you are physically in the office.

At the top of the screen, you will find 5 floating buttons that control your communication and collaboration options:

• Headset – activates and disables your headphones/speakers.
• Microphone – activates and disables your microphone.
• Camera – turns your device’s camera on and off.
• Monitor – turns on and off your screen sharing. You can share your screen without turning on your video.
• Home – brings you back to the main view of the office.

The down arrow to the left of the Headset is where you will change your microphone and speaker settings.

There are several ways to talk to a colleague. You can:

• Click on the name of the room your colleague is in and be transported to that room. Make sure to turn on your microphone to speak. The same process is used for talking to everyone inside the room.

• Right-click on the person’s avatar and choose the “Chat” or “Invite to a conversation.”

If you choose “Chat,” you type your message and the other person receives it in a pop-up screen.

If you choose “Invite to a conversation,” the other person will receive a pop-up invitation to come into your room and chat with you. By clicking on “Accept,” the person is automatically transported to your room. This method can also be used to invite a person to a meeting in progress.

Right-clicking inside a room will show a list of options:

• Clicking on “Chat,” you can write in the chat and all the people in the room will receive your message.

• By clicking “Lock,” the room is closed and no one else can enter until the room is unlocked. It’s like closing the door in the physical office when the user wants privacy. A locked room appears with a padlock next to the room name.

• By clicking on “Rename,” an Admin can change the name of the room.

• You can zoom the view of the office in or out by sliding your finger across your mouse.

You can invite anyone you want to a meeting. Click on the icon with two heads and a plus sign under your avatar on the left side of the screen. Choose “Invite Users.” Copy the link and send it to your guest.

The link will be active for 24 hours. You can change the active time of the invitation by clicking “Edit Invitation” and changing the number of days that the invitation will remain active and/or the number of times the invitation can be used within the chosen period. Then click “Generate new link.” Copy this link and send it to your guest.

The guest will always appear in the Reception area of your MyHive office where they receive a welcome message and asked to wait to be greeted by you.

You will receive a popup screen letting you know your guest has arrived in the lobby. You can enter the Reception and begin speaking with your guest. Then you can both go to your office or another room to talk.

You can put as many people as you want inside a room or space, regardless of the number of chairs in the room.

Want to know more?

Download the MyHive Employee User Guide here.

Download the MyHive Admin Getting Started here.