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Privacy Policy and GDPR

As part of our daily operations we need to collect personal data from our customers and potential customers in order to provide our products and services in line with the values, interests and profile of each customer. The privacy of your information is of great importance to us, and it is our policy to respect the confidentiality of information and the privacy of each individual. This Policy stipulates how the personal data processing operations of MYHIVE, its subsidiaries and affiliates (‘MYHIVE’) take place, in accordance with the laws and regulations in force. Our Privacy Policy is regularly reviewed to ensure compliance with laws, regulations and new technologies, reflecting possible changes in our operations and business practices. It is important that you regularly access this policy, and that you observe the update date informed below. This Privacy Policy applies to the personal data processing activities of customers, potential customers, business partners, suppliers, jobseekers, visitors to MYHIVE’s offices and our Sites and Applications.

1. General considerations

MYHIVE respects the privacy of all holders of personal data, and is therefore committed to taking all possible measures to reasonably ensure the protection of the personal data collected. All information is treated in accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations. Technical and organizational procedures are in place to ensure that your information is always secure. As part of these procedures, we regularly train and educate all our employees about the importance of maintaining, safeguarding and respecting personal information and we consider the violation of the privacy of personal data to be very serious, so we constantly monitor and provide for appropriate disciplinary measures for eventual breaches. MYHIVE can use different ways to collect personal data, such as:
  • site forms, questionnaires, e-mail, websites, mail, applications, telephone, contracts, through the delivery of personal documents, in situations that include, for example, where you:
    • have, or intend to have, a working relationship with MYHIVE;
    • provide, or intend to provide us, with products and / or services;
    • order MYHIVE products or services;
    • contracting MYHIVE services;
    • request the sending of marketing or institutional materials;
    • participate in promotion or research;
    • contact us to give us feedback;
    • Through data accessing our Sites and Applications;
  • Through publicly available sources.

2. What access data is collected by MyHive Sites and Applications?

Information collected from users when using our sites includes, among others, the user’s access browser; Internet protocol (IP) address; date and time of access; the user’s location; and user actions on the site. Information collected from users when using the Applications includes, among others, the model of the mobile device and the operating system used for access; Internet protocol (IP) address; date and time of access, application version; user connection provider; user location (when authorized and enabled by the user); and user actions in the Applications. This collected data is used for the purposes presented in topic 6 of this document.

3. What information is collected for account creation?

To register on our Sites and Applications, and subsequently create user accounts, the following data must be informed:

  • Full contact name, E-mail, Telephone;
  • Company name;
  • Address and e-mail (s) for receiving invoices and payment slips (if different from the above);
  • For certain financial transactions, it is necessary to provide the following information:
    • Bank, type of account, branch, current account, credit card information;

4. What information is collected from users who are interested in being a Sales Representative?

  • Full contact name, e-mail, landline and mobile;
  • Company name;
  • Inform if you already had professional experience in the telecommunications and/or SaaS market;
  • City and state;
  • Describe your professional trajectory and plans;
  • We may request additional personal / professional information if we deem it necessary for the accreditation process.

5. What information is collected from people applying for jobs?

  • Full name, social security number;
  • Gender, Date of Birth, Marital Status;
  • City, State, Country, Zip Code, Address;
  • Telephone, e-mail;
  • LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram links;
  • Annual remuneration;
  • Certifications;
  • Describe how you learned about the vacancy;
  • Graduation Information: End date / forecast, institution, type of course;
  • Institution Information: Name, City, State, date of completion;
  • Information about previous jobs: Company name, start date, end date and position held;
  • Schooling.

We may request additional personal information if we deem it necessary for recruitment.

6. Why does MYHIVE collect and use your personal data?

We may use your personal information for the following purposes:

I. To create an account on our platform

We need to verify your identity and that of your company in order to validate you as a customer. The use of your personal information is necessary to identify who you are, since we have a legal obligation to comply with the “Know your costumer – Know your Client” and other regulatory obligations.

II. For the execution of the contracted services

After opening an account on our platform, it will be necessary to use your personal data to perform our services and comply with our obligations. We will use the information to validate the processing of access to our platform and virtual meeting rooms, and other products and services eventually contracted by the customer, thus fulfilling our contractual obligations.

III. To comply with a legal obligation

There are a variety of legal obligations arising from the applicable laws to which we are subject (eg, telecommunications services legislation, tax laws, etc.). There are also several supervisory authorities to whose laws and regulations we are subject. Such obligations and standards require us to perform personal and company data processing activities to verify identity, comply with court orders, tax laws and other obligations.

IV. For sending announcements and customer satisfaction surveys

Occasionally, we may send you communications and customer satisfaction surveys as part of our customer feedback process. It is in our legitimate interest to obtain such opinions to ensure that our services / products are being provided at the highest level.

V. For behavior analysis on our Sites and Applications

Our Sites and Applications may contain data analysis tools that allow us to analyze behaviors to ensure the quality of the platforms and provide the best user experience. The information collected is not considered to be personal according to the terms of the General Data Protection Regulations, as it is used in such a way that it is not linked to any user, and this information is anonymized.

VI. For advertising

We may use your personal data to send marketing communications by email, phone, or other previously agreed upon forms (including social media campaigns) to ensure that you are always up to date on our products and services. When we send marketing communications, they will be based on your consent. You can consent by ticking, at the time of registration, the options “I would like to receive updates and news about MYHIVE products and services by email” and / or “I would like to receive updates and news about MYHIVE products and services on WhatsApp.”

VII. To guarantee property security and physical integrity

If you come to visit our facilities, we may record your image through our monitoring system for security reasons. Personal information will also be collected to provide your access credentials in order to maintain a safe work environment.

VIII. For internal accreditation of Sales Representatives

If you want to be one of our Sales Representatives, we need to collect your personal data so that we can execute the accreditation process internally and carry out validations required by Regulatory Agencies.

IX. To provide fraud prevention assurance and security for cardholders

We need to process personal data for the purpose of analysis and prevention against fraud, in various scenarios. In addition, we may handle personal information for the security of data subjects, preventing potential crimes, intrusion measures, and asset security.

X. To safeguard legitimate interests

We process personal data to safeguard our legitimate interests. Some examples of such activities include:

  • Initiate legal claims and prepare our defense in cases of litigation;
  • Establish monitoring systems for our facilities, for security reasons;
  • For business management measures, platform performance optimization, and product and service development;

7. Obtaining your consent

If the purpose of the collection for any processing of personal data requires your consent, it will be provided through our Sites and Applications. If you want to revoke the consent so that we no longer send communications and marketing emails, it can be done through the opt-out option in the footer of the emails.

8. Sharing of personal data

Subject to the criteria defined in this Policy, MYHIVE will not disclose its customers’ personal data to a third party, except:

  • to meet the requirements within the terms of the applicable laws, rules or regulations;
  • upon receipt of a disclosure obligation;
  • for legitimate interest that requires disclosure; or
  • at the customer’s request, with their consent.

Third parties for which personal information is shared in order to perform the contracted services, must perform the processing in order to guarantee compliance with legal obligations. Nevertheless, we demand that organizations outside the MYHIVE Group that handle or obtain this personal data, recognize the criticality of this information, agree to respect all individual privacy rights and comply with all relevant data protection laws. As part of using your data for the purposes mentioned above, we may eventually disclose your personal information to:

  • Other companies of the MYHIVE Group, within the limits of the purposes established in this policy;
  • Third parties such as commercial service providers and specialized consultants hired for telecommunication, legal, security, research and other services;
  • Third parties that are carrying out audit work;
  • Business parties, courts, controlling bodies and regulatory authorities;
  • Payment service providers and / or banking institutions, for payment generation and control;
  • In the event that we disclose your personal data to business parties, such as payment companies, in order to perform the services requested by customers, those parties may store your information in order to comply with their legal obligations;
  • Any person or company as long as we have your consent;
  • Customers accept and consent that we may occasionally analyze the data collected when visiting our Sites and Applications or by other means, such as questionnaires, for statistical purposes in order to improve our services.

9. International data transfer

MYHIVE treats your personal information on national territory and in countries that have similar and equivalent legislation. In addition, it maintains specific clauses to ensure correct treatment, in line with local laws and regulations.

10. Security and privacy of personal data

MYHIVE is committed to protecting and treating the information of our customers and other data subjects using measures that aim to guarantee the protection, maintenance of privacy, integrity, availability and confidentiality of the personal data treated in our environment. In addition we implement measures to prevent, detect and reduce vulnerability to incidents in our technological environments. For example, when we encrypt or anonymize certain sensitive personal information, we also require our suppliers to protect such information from unauthorized access, use and disclosure.

11. Storage of personal information and retention period

MYHIVE shall keep your personal information for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which the information is processed or for other valid reasons, such as compliance with legal obligations. If you want MYHIVE to no longer use your personal data, please contact us via e-mail data.privacy@myhive.global/us.

12. Consult your Personal Data

If you want to consult your personal data that is processed and retained on our systems, please request by sending an e-mail to data.privacy@myhive.global/us.

13. Change your Personal Data

If you wish to change your personal data, please also senda n e-mail request to data.privacy@myhive.global/us.

14. Request the cancellation of your Personal Data held by us

If you want us to remove all personal data held on our systems please send an email to data.privacy@myhive.global/us.

15. Contacts

Data Protection Officer: We have a data protection officer who processes issues related to this Privacy Policy. If you have any questions about how to consult your data and exercise your rights as an individual, please contact us by e-mail: data.privacy@myhive.global/us.

16. Legal Notice

MYHIVE is not responsible for the misuse or loss of personal data to which it does not have access or control. We are also exempt from liability for illegal and unauthorized use of this information as a result of misuse or diversion of your access credentials, negligent or malicious conduct as a result of acts or omissions on your part or someone authorized on your behalf.