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Add MyHive to your product portfolio, sell subscriptions and get:

• 100% of the first month’s subscription value
• Recurring monthly commission
• Plus add-ons and all revenue generated from your own integration projects


MyHive Partner Program is designed for companies of all sizes. We are offering partnership to IT companies, web and online marketing agencies, IT, telecom and business consultants, and those considering opening a new business.

How to make money with MyHive


MyHive is a complete business UCaaS solution with a wide range of communication and collaboration tools that can help your clients operate their business on a completely different level. Our product can solve many challenges your clients face daily in the remote work environment. Affordable pricing and instant profit on each sale is a win for you and a win for your clients.


There are thousands of different business models out there, which means a potentially unique approach and customized solutions for your clients. You can profit with MyHive project implementations for your clients by providing value-added services such as: product installation and customization, integration into 3rd party solutions, app development, training, and more.


While your MyHive clients’ businesses grow, they are likely to request more user seats or new modules for their MyHive. Version upgrades, maintenance, subscription renewals and other options, plus recurring monthly commissions will all help boost your profits. Keep in touch with your MyHive customers and you'll be very well rewarded!

What are your benefits of being a MyHive Partner?

Lucrative business opportunity, high income, and caring support.

Free MyHive virtual office for you

After your Partner status is confirmed, you will receive your own, private MyHive office, where you can get your team back together again. Invite potential customers for meetings in your new virtual office and amaze them with MyHive’s remote work solutions! We will give you complete training and full support to enable you to confidently offer MyHive to your customers.

Sales and Marketing support

Whether your marketing strategy includes online ads or you also run offline events, we've got the right marketing resources for you. We provide presentations, white-papers, certificates, logos, badges, and more. Qualified Partners may also use our official blogs, social medial channels, and even newsletter services for a wider outreach. For larger customers you can count on our pre-sales technical help where we can participate in meetings with a customer’s IT or HR department, for example.

A product you will definitely fall in love with!

MyHive is a turn-key solution with all the communication and collaboration tools that a company needs in an environment where they have remote and hybrid workers. Tools that your customer would otherwise have to purchase and learn to use separately. In addition the added benefit of our innovative interactive office layouts—something no other vendor offers!

Highly addictive

Once your customer starts using MyHive they immediately see and reap the benefits of their teams working together again, side by side, able to fully interact with each other at the click of a mouse button. Working comfortably every day in one place, together with your colleagues, is highly addictive.

In high demand

Businesses are desperately looking for long-term, innovative solutions that can help them bring their employees together again in the “new normal,” whether that be with everyone 100% remote or a hybrid solution where some employees are physically in the office some days a week and other employees are working from home. Videoconferencing was fine as a quick fix, but companies are looking for the next generation of solutions to help them transition more effectively to the new remote work environment. MyHive perfectly meets the demand in organizing the digital workplace of large, medium, and small companies.

Meet our CEO, Dano Ybarra

The MyHive Partner Program is profitable and reliable

Trust and transparency are crucial for building a strong and mutually beneficial partnership. The MyHive Partner Program is straightforward and understandable. There are no set-up fees, no hidden costs.


Partnership—is not just sales. Each Partner is trusted and always welcome to actively participate in MyHive product roadmap development, webinars, or offline events such as tradeshows and workshops.


If you share our values to be professional and attentive to a client's needs, we could be a perfect match! MyHive is a partner-oriented company, giving its Partners the opportunity to provide value-added services to the end-users. There would be no happy customers without skilled and caring Partners who are focused on long-term relationships with their customers and their vendors.

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Learn and promote

Get access to marketing resources, endorse MyHive on your website, notify your clients. Enhance your MyHive skills and expertise by taking online training and certification.

Make profit

Resell subscriptions and add-ons, give your customers a great after-sales experience and watch the $$$ roll into your bank account every month!

Partner Program quick FAQ:

There are no sales targets for our partners to meet.
MyHive offers a wide range of UCaaS business tools that can help your clients operate their business on a completely different level in the “new normal.” MyHive can solve many problems your clients face on a daily basis. Affordable pricing and instant profit from each sale is a win for you and a win for your clients.

The MyHive Partner Program is a straightforward program. MyHive Partners sell the product to their customers and receive 100% of the customer’s first monthly subscription values as commission. We also pay a recurring monthly commission according to your Partner Classification – see our Agent Agreement for details.

MyHive comes with a complete set of APIs and we are constantly developing more as we add additional functionality and features. This gives you a tremendous opportunity to cater to the whole company, rather than a specific department or group of employees. If you are specializing in CRM, MyHive gives you a great opportunity to expand your services into intranet and collaboration by integrating with MyHive via our APIs. If your specialty is intranet and internal communications, you can expand your services in CRM and project management, using the MyHive API as the basis.

    Submit Your Application

    Please make sure you use your business email address to represent you as a company employee. (@gmail.com, @aol.com, or other non-company specific emails are not accepted.) Avoid using role-based and generic e-mail addresses (admin@, info@, etc).